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AFRICA TRAVEL EXCHANGE is a digital platform that connects African travel innovators. Our strategy has been developed with a clear vision to develop a revolutionary digital solution, that will provide a business exchange for our members to do business efficiently and effectively 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Whether you are a service provider to the Africa Travel industry, an activity provider or a traveler to Africa, ATX is an exchange where you can do it all. Where we aim to build a global digital community that has real value in real connections in the Africa Travel Industry.

Be part of this exciting exchange that is set to bring all Africa Travel innovators together. Here are just a few benefits of why you should become a member :

  1. LESS EXPENSIVE. One place to do all your Africa Travel business.
    1. One virtual office for face to face meetings with member or guests;
    2. Direct links to your own library of images, documents and videos, plus presentations, messaging, meeting calendar requests, website link, email notifications, social media, reports and analytics.
    3. Access to hire the main auditorium where you can run your own events, webinars and workshops for over 100 pax.
    4. Access to use the ATX database for marketing emailers, event invites, etc.
  2. SAVES TIME. For you, members and invited guests. One link to your platform and everything is there.
    1. Easier to make B2B connections with instant access to browse members and connect.
  3. EASY FILTER FOR DIRECT CONNECTIONS With our great filtering tool, you are able to connect with members who fit your requirements and establish new business leads.
    1. One vision to connect Africa Travel Professionals.
    2. One digital exchange that connects Africa Travel innovators to each other.
    1. Links members social media posts to our Social Wall for members to instantly engage and be aware of what’s happening in your business.
    2. Allows for news on Africa to be live and relevant at all times.
    3. Great marketing tool.
    1. Get to know your fellow members.
    2. Do business daily.
    3. Likeminded people helping to build back Africa Travel after Covid.
    1. Always open even when you are sleeping. Our reporting tool allows you to catch up the next morning and engage with anyone who visited whilst you were away.
    1. Our vision is to connect African Travel innovators through digital solutions that create an economic opportunity for our members at all times.
    2. Our Mission is to help our member build their brand and thereby make an impact in the marketplace.
    3. Our Key Focus is to consistently market ATX to attract new members thereby growing the opportunities for our members to gain new business connections.
    4. Our Values are to consistently connect people, keep it real with a community of people who are passionate about Africa, win with integrity so our members achieve superior results and to continually provide an efficient digital exchange that evolves and meets our member’s needs.

We look forward to you joining us as we believe that the world is on the brink of a tourism revolution, where innovative digital solutions will enable us to connect and do business in ways we never have before.

Let's do business virtually.

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